Qualified certification bodies

To guarantee its independence and the necessary objectivity, the certification can only be issued by one of the certification bodies listed below, which have received recognition (provisional or definitive) by REMADE and ACCREDIA (Body for the Accreditation of Certification bodies in Italy). In order to obtain the qualification, the certification bodies followed a specific training course on REMADE certification with in-depth information on topics relating to recycling, the circular economy and Green Public Procurement.

For any necessary clarification in the initial contact phase with the certification company, write to info@remadeinitaly.it.
We will provide you with full assistance to resolve any doubts and identify the best solution.

Bureau Veritas

Definitive accreditation
(Accredia dated 11/10/2017)
Manager: Monica Riva
T +39 02 27091230


Definitive accreditation
(Accredia dated 09/17/2014)
Manager: Sabrina Melandri
T +39 02 86968606


Definitive accreditation
(Accredia dated 01/22/2021)
Manager: Fabio Cordone
T +39 02 7015081

Istituto Giordano

Definitive accreditation

Manager: Marco Sarti
T +39 0541 322304


Definitive accreditation
(Accredia dated 07/16/2019)
Manager: Alessandro Cancello
T +39 081 6907732


Definitive accreditation
(Accredia dated 07/21/2021)

Manager: Luca Bardi
T +39 02 67479254

SI Cert

Definitive accreditation
(Accredia dated 06/15/2023)

Manager: Carmine Cerruti
T 800.98.38.73

Costs for Companies

The costs borne by the companies are as follows:

  • cost for the verification process, which depends on the number of families subject to certification; the amount will be paid directly to the certification company)
  • annual membership fee to the Association (if the Company wishes to join it will be paid to the REMADE Association).

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