REMADE® label

The Remade label communicates the use of recycled material in certified products and the resulting environmental impacts.
It is issued following the positive outcome of the certification process and can be affixed directly to the certified materials or products, for direct and transparent communication to the market.

Complete label
Small label

The label highlights:

  • product name
  • company name
  • logo of the certification company
  • ACCREDIA logo
  • REMADE® logo
  • REMADE certification code of the material/product
    percentage of recycled material, verified by the certification body
    percentage of recycled material in each component (in the case of multi-material products) class (A+, A, B or C based on the percentage of recycled material) reduction in energy consumption from recycling/reuse expressed in kWh/kg reduction of climate-changing emissions from recycling/reuse expressed in g CO2 eq/kg

The REMADE label also highlights the environmental impacts resulting from the use of recycled material (deriving from waste or waste) instead of virgin material. The values relating to the reduction of energy consumption and the lack of CO2 emissions are not subject to third party verification, but are processed directly by the Experts of the REMADE Association and refer only to the components of the material/product (good or artefact) made with recycled material and refer only to the material with the exclusion of the production process.
Methodology and requirements are contained in the Trademark Technical Specifications (Annex 1), approved by ACCREDIA.

The continuous updating of our database is managed by the Technical Scientific Committee of REMADE, with the support of a competent consultant on the topic. The last update ended in May 2021.

The label is issued within 20 days of receipt of the certificate issued by the certification body to REMADE and at the request of the company that obtained the certification, except for longer times linked to complex products or unusual materials or materials not registered in the databases at disposition. The need for longer times for issuing the label will in any case be communicated to the Company.