What is REMADE®

REMADE®: environmental product certification under accreditation, developed within the non-profit organization of the same name, which allows a company to declare the content of recycled material (or by-products), expressed as a percentage, within a material, semi-finished or finished product, of any type (even composed of different materials) and belonging to any supply chain.

The certification scheme requires the Company to prepare a traceability plan for materials and flows within the production process, continuous monitoring of suppliers and classification of incoming materials. Maximum transparency on the relevant documentation on each element to prove the correctness of the steps and the care taken in the process. All the requirements to obtain certification are contained in the REMADE Technical Standards.
The verification, carried out by the certification body, involves not only the analysis of the relevant documentation but also a visit to the company, on the materials, products and the production process.

For these reasons, REMADE certified products express the manufacturer’s maximum attention in managing materials that derive from waste or by-products. REMADE certified products are fully circular economy products, reliable, tracked, innovative.

REMADE certification is independent and accredited: the accredited certification bodies that issue it are separate entities from the organization that owns the standards. To guarantee the highest level of impartiality and objectivity.

For these reasons, REMADE certified products are automatically recognized in the CAM in the market for green products of public administrations (so-called Green public procurement) and by the regulations that provide tax relief and incentives for the purchase of recycled products.