REMADE Certification. NEW Technical Standard

ReMade in Italy or REMADE?

The new REMADE version has no more the classic “made in Italy” requirement to certify the content of recycled materials and by-products.

The REMADE Technical Scheme has been revised and so it’s possible to certify the recycled content of products and materials also made abroad (at production sites located out of Italy).

Materials and products made outside Italy will thus be able to obtain the REMADE certificate and label.

The Remade in Italy label will continue to exist and will be granted to those who make recycled materials mainly in Italy and want to highlight this aspect.

The Standards for the new REMADE have been validated by ACCREDIA (ACCREDIA is the Italian National Accreditation body designated by the Italian government, in application of European Regulation 765/2008), which published Circular DC 55/2023 to regulate the transition of accredited bodies. Certifications can only be issued by qualified auditors.

The new REMADE Technical Scheme has been updated to the European and international legislation and contains changes necessary to make the certification scheme even more appropriate to the needs of the market and of the Green Public Procurement.

Stay tuned!